[Rant] Windows 10 (pt1?)

I run into several problems every week with Windows 10 and I've finally completely lost my shit

The importance of classification. DXRacer, WHY?

This post is going to focus on something that really, really irks me. Many companies have been made example of throughout the years, known for their unwise naming of product lines and/or poor documentation to help guide the layman to an adequate purchase (or repair!). Nevertheless, someone else has gone ahead and fucked it up, again. DXRacer, this one's on you.

Change.org Petition: Killing Indigenous Australians is not a game (anymore)!

So there's a petition going around with almost 90,000 supporters to ban a survival-sandbox, mobile game on the basis that it promotes the "racism and negative stereotype of Indigenous Australians". The petition states that the game is 'profiting from historical genocide and introduces these genocides as entertainment, completely disregarding the continual suffering of our people' - An egotistical view that I am going to tear to shreds throughout this post. With a dash of rant, naturally.